Magnetic Sweeper, Dual Purpose


The Dual Purpose Magnetic Sweeper is a “one of a kind” industrial magnet. This unit converts from a heavy-duty magnetic push sweeper to a forklift  magnet in less than a minute!   Magnetic sweeper also can be suspended by attached eye-bolts from any type of vehicle.  It’s the most versatile industrial magnetic sweeper on the market!  This unit was designed after receiving lots of feedback from our customers looking for a magnet they could use for more than one application.  It’s a unit which can fill several needs, depending on the job, and always get it done!

300 Lbs of Holding Power on a Flat Steel Plate.

Unit will retrieve all ferrous metal up to 4″ traveling under 15 mph.

SKU: DP-48

Product Description

Designed for use on any type of surface such as gravel, broken concrete, dirt, pavement or grass.  Its 48″-width magnet grabs a huge amount of steel debris that is easily removed by pushing down on the release lever.

  •     Size: 4″ x 5″ x 48″
  •     Weight: 60 lbs.
  •     Sweeper magnet constructed of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum
  •     Unique release system for fast removal of debris
  •     Magnetic sweepers snap up hundreds of steel pieces with each load
  •     Large 8″ wheels roll smoothly over rough surfaces
  •     Converts to a magnetic broom in seconds and can easily be used by anyone !
  •     High-strength magnetic sweeper cleans large areas quickly
  •     Tube size: 4″ x 5″
  •     Handle length: 45 inches
  •     Ground Clearance of Magnetic Sweeper: 2″
  •     Fork pockets fit up to 5″ width forklift forks making it ideal for a forklift magnet!
  •     Fork pockets are mounted at 30″ ctr.-ctr.
  •     Operating speed is 3-8 mph
  •     Handle length: 45 inches
  •     One year warranty


Additional Information

Weight 75 lbs
Product Applications

Construction Sites, Recycling Facilities, Shipping Yards